Thursday, May 29, 2008

call me a leper

brekkiethe color's all wrong
today is my Friday!
to celebrate, i had this for breakfast.
it doesn't look very appetizing, cuz my picture situation is so unreliable and sucky... but uh... and it was a pretty 'wet' omelet, but anywayzzzz.
i'm glad i ate it, i guess.
usually i go around starving to death. and daydreaming about food.

Picture 007trying to capture what i see but it's not working
i actually am a social pariah. well, i classify as one. especially if we lived in India under the caste system. cuz of the work i do. i would be considered an 'untouchable'... but many of you consider me that way anyway... so.
but i love how my bangs are today, but i didn't capture it very well when i tried to take pics.

out and about
talk to you later!
don't freak out til then@!