Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Picture 008
the same old lady i've mentioned before, she tends to really crack me up.
she said today, "where is room 13?" and a CNA told her "we don't have a room 13" and the old lady says, "then, why'd you tell me there was one?" (which: nobody'd told her it was just out of the blue)
i chuckled over that exchange for about a half hour (off and on)
it still tickles me.

also, that same woman took off her lap belt which is supposed to keep her from standing up unsupervised and when she takes it off an alarm will sound.... so a CNA came to put the lapbelt back on and she got MAD and started kicking at him and saying "I don't sleep with a BELT on!"

she's a spitfire that one.