Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tell me more

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i found some vaseline healthy glow lotion (with a 'touch' of self-tanner) at grocery outlet for fifty cents so i thought, what can i lose? i used it twice and BIG SURPRISE it leaves my legs streaky and it makes my skin smell disgusting. WOOT! so much better than white legs, no?

Picture 024
this one elderly woman at the nursing home commented that i need some sort of hair junk to tame my flyaways. she is a very genteel woman. always looks nice and put-together. i'm like, i wake up at six AM and i'm out of the house by 6:15, ride my bike to work and start at 6:30 so, i dunno. apparently i need to get up a little earlier and 'fix myself up' for the old folks.

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the other day some woman told me that SHE wouldn't wear such a SHORT dress. this was after a man complimented me saying i look good in a dress.
people are SO GRAND!

i was also once again informed yesterday that i have a MOUSTACHE. THANKS for pointing that out, in front of a crowd of people. jeesh. whatever.
i don't care. i can take it.
i mean, hey. it's the truth, i guess.