Monday, May 12, 2008

not in the mood

i don't think i'm feeling well.
not sure cuz i haven't had breakfast and i just rode my bike up a million hills against the wind as usual. blech. i don't wanna do THAT again, but maybe it was worth it cuz i am at the college now and i need to buy another canvas and upload my pics so my camera will work again. but the wind was blowing in my ears and they are finally starting to hurt a little less after like fifteen minutes of being inside.

junk in bathroombathroom stuff
the other day i bought some stuff at walmart. toiletries.

got at library free discarded bookmore free books library discards
i can't stop picking up discarded/free books from the library.
it's a sickness, methinks.

refrigeratorPicture 020Picture 031Picture 030Picture 034
that was a very good meal.

isn't that marykate face?
to me, that facial expression reminds me of the olson twins.

ballet moves.

bench surferfuzzedsee? my legs are just too white.i need self-tanner for my legs
my legs are way too white, dudes. i am in need of some self-tanner.
also, i think i take too many pics.
why do i have to be ocd?