Friday, May 23, 2008


free book woodrow wilson
i am friends with a deaf person, so now i have had reason to use Relay Service where you can talk with a deaf person on the phone? and like uh.... i always laugh, but i stifle my laughter and stuff so as not to be rude to the relay operator. but for some reason i just find it very amuzing to be having a third party involved in my phone convos. it makes me talk weird. it makes me think differently than i normally do and i frequently forget what i am even saying or going to say. it is just totally awkward. you have to decide what you're saying and where to stop and start and it's all really slow and there are these huge long pauses... it just throws a whole 'nother wrench into the human interaction puzzle machine.

the library is closing in like ten minutes and then i need to go to the bank and figure out how to best make use of what time i have available to me. DANG it!
i'm one of those who wastes a lot of time thinking about how to spend my time. like hours, we're talking here. HELP.

oh there is this one woman at 'the nursing home' and she always wants to escape. actually a lot of them do. anyway, she tried again today and when they tried to bring her back, telling her it looks like rain, she said "HELP! HELP! Call the cops! I only came here to see what this school was like and now they won't let me leave. And it's not a school!"

now, that is a little bit funny and a lot sad... but certainly interesting, to me.