Friday, May 16, 2008

not hate hate

weird black wreath
they have a black wreath on their door.
maybe someone died?

my bike is bluebikes
the blue bike is mine.
it's from walmart. whoopee.
but check the orange bike? haehehe
whose is it?

butch's bikebutch's bike2
oh THAT's Butch's Bike!
hee hee.

my bike has gears but i hate that.
i mean, i am trying to love it.
but it is sometimes annoying.
like when the bike decides to randomly switch gears all by itself without notice?
that sucks.
and plus, it's like i am constantly having to fiddle with the gears all the time.
also, my brakes don't work cuz they need adjusting.
and when i have to ride up gnarly hills i say, "THIS SUCKS" out loud to myself.
cuz it does.
but it is sucking less and less as each day goes by cuz i am getting used to it.
but i don't want HUGE muscular thighs.
although, that's better than huge cellulite thighs.

my junk
here's me (my legs-ish) with a bunch of my stuff.

mags 50 cents
like those magazines i got for ten cents each so i can read them and feel all environmentally earth-hugging. and stuff.

Picture 015
okay, well, it's been a thrill.
i need to buy my mom a birthday gift, now.