Monday, May 19, 2008


i like this show mostly cuz i like it when she wears her hair like that.
i want my hair to be like that.
anyway, when i am at work, i put the tv's on animal planet or food network.
and when that show comes on, i like to think about having bangs like that. and wearing my hair like that.
it's weird.

look how cute he is
(image credit)

hey man, there's gonna be this festival going on near here in a couple of months. one of my coworkers is going. actually, if his girlfriend goes, then two of my coworkers are going. i want to go cuz les claypool will be there! and he and i will meet and fall in love and get married. YEAH RIGHT!! j/k, as you ought to know. but anyway, yeah... i should go, huh.