Wednesday, May 21, 2008

don't TINKER with my TOYS

Picture 003
here is my work hair today.

ugh. i have trouble picking out anti-perspirants with fragrances i like. i chose Secret Jasmine something or other and i HATE it. damn.

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today, i wanted to buy lunch at work and i asked what they were having and the lady answered, "liver and onions!" and i thought she was joking, but she was serious and i decided to go ahead and have it anyway cuz i've hated it ever since i was a kid, but i figured who knows, some people like it so i guess i should try it, then. well. it was okay only because i mixed it in with the mashed taters, gravy and veggies. otherwise.. meh. but i liked the onions tho. i just hate raw onions, but cooked ones are okay.

Picture 004
Picture 005
my next painting is going to be of this lawn mower.