Thursday, May 15, 2008

see? look.

see the difference?
she looks practically like a whole different person.
also, i watched the movie with zombies and quentin tarantino and (the new)rose mcgowan and she messed up her face, too. i mean, isn't anything sacred? these women were already 'stunning' in the first place but now they are doll-versions of themselves. total stepford wives. total sellouts. total... ... .. .. fembots. something just ain't right about it.

in other news:
here are some crappy pictures of my favorite bread ever: kalamata olive
Picture 020Picture 022Picture 023

and what would a post be without pictures of me, in my apartment, posing in a stupid outfit?
Picture 011Picture 014
the problem is the weather around here. it's never either hot or cold but constantly changing, so i have to be able to take my socks and my sweater off in case i get too hot or put them back on in case i get too cold, you see. today, it is decidedly hot, however. those pics are from a few days ago.

friend's house
here i am at my friend's house and here is an award he won years ago.

Picture 019
he's old, now.
i dunno.
but it's cool, tho, huh?