Thursday, May 29, 2008


Picture 010
okay, here goes! more tidbits about the nursing home.
this is my anthropological ethnography of attitudes toward the elderly in Amerikuh.

There is a woman who always smiles... she has an endearing happy sweet smile, but it is an inward smile and not really directed at anyone so it makes you wonder, what is she smiling about? is it just a reflex? is there some pleasure center being stimulated in her brain? is it a malfunction? also she speaks in a sort of free-associative poetic form and sometimes she sings. but if someone else is singing or making noise she says, "oh shut the hell up!"

Picture 009
i take pictures of the food they eat (and sometimes eat it myself) just cuz and also partly because it is part of my ethnography. i have to record what sort of food we feed these people at the HOTEL RITZ as we like to call it.
well, it outta be called that for the amount of money it costs to live there. eh.

Picture 008
and let me just tell you the lasagna was DELISHus cuz it was tangy and meaty and i love cauliflower and the bread was good cuz it was really sour altho i would not call it Garlic Bread, which is what was written on the menu.

i was so full after i ate all of that i really felt sluggish for the rest of the workday.

Picture 015
there is a man there who calls me 'boots' cuz i mostly wear my blue doc marten boots to work. then, after he calls me boots he looks at my boots, every time. he has to make sure i am still wearing them. one time he looked and i was wearing some other shoes and he was disappointed... so now, i try to always wear my boots.

and the man who wants to marry me (but he is such a Player, cuz he is after all the ladies) intro'd me to his grown daughter (who's older than me) and i told her he and i are to be married and she said, "well, HI MOM!" hahaha.