Saturday, February 21, 2009

why so thin?

too skinny?

i think that the idealization of excessive skinniness prevalent in north american culture is totally ridiculous. i think it shows a real hatred of women and a desire to keep them powerless. a real man doesn't want a twiggy skeleton to cuddle up with at night. ouch. "her elbows and hip bones are jutting out and poking me".... y'know? not to mention the pubic bone. ouch! guys like to grab onto a lil somethin' somethin' don't they? yes they do. hate to break it to ya!

i have throughout my life been a bony-framed person. now i am nearing 36 and if i don't watch what i eat and exercise regularly, after having had two kids, my metabolism leans toward an extra ten pounds or so. whatever. the only time guys have ever complained about my body is when i have been too skinny. seriously.

even in high school, right after puberty, the smallest size i could wear was maybe a 7. the only time i ever could have worn a size 2 is maybe in third or fourth grade and i was NOT overweight.

the thing about this whole controversy is that Women are the ones who are imposing this unrealistic standard on other women! it's disgusting.
stupid. here is a good blog on the subject: Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder.

this shit isn't funny, folks. it pisses me right off. on my blog, people have tried to criticize my body. EFF YOU. (not you, just them)