Thursday, February 26, 2009

he told her he loved her but somehow he lied

pretty guitarswirly pink guitarpretty in pinknice guitarIMG 4646
isn't she gorgeous?
i have always wanted to play guitar.
of course, i've dabbled with it, but didn't ever get much further than the first stage of blisters. one time i kept trying to play Carnival by Natalie Merchant (was once told i sound kinda like her) and About a Girl by Nirvana *swoon*. anyway, it's on my bucket list, let me tell ya.
anyway, scott bought it for sophie but still.
it's inspiring and of course it is never a mistake to have musical instruments in the house.

arms akimbo
oh, he said he thought that i could paint on it.
i said i wouldn't want to mess it up.
but i think that is a good idea though, to keep an eye out for guitars and other musical instruments that are old and don't really work and buy them and paint on them.

the twenty-five cent peacock sweater vest.
peacock sweater vest