Friday, February 20, 2009

more memories

my first job was at Jack in the Box when i was 16. that was back when the uniform had those gross dark denim pants with white piping up the side of the leg. i hated them. guys liked them, tho. gross.

these cookies are so evil. they are soft and heavenly and very sweet and quite addictive. keep them away from me!

these are some of the vitamins i take. both fish oil and flaxseed oil, to cover all the omega fatty acid bases. haha. that is funny. acid bases.

i never should have let this cat into my house one snowy day cuz i felt sorry for her. dumb stray got pregnant the first time she went into heat (duh).
she's the only one who sits on that meditation cushion, tho.
i've had it for ten years. used it for maybe a combined total of one year?
but i am not giving up on myself in that regard.
I WILL meditate again.