Friday, February 27, 2009

be happy

IMG 4659IMG 4662
that red ribbon thing is not a belt it is only pretending to be a belt. i pinned it on one side of my dress and the other side has velcro. it only works in pictures but not in this picture. i need a real red ribbon or maybe i will just pin the other side as well.
i got that hat a a quick stop market cuz i just thought it was cool. i had only gone in for an iced tea and a soda and when i came out with that hat scott was incredulous. he said, "when i told you get whatever you want i didn't mean that!"

IMG 4658
when i was trying to play the guitar for my daughter she kept asking where is that sound coming from and i said, it's coming from in here.. (pointing to the guitar) the guitar is making this sound. she still would ask again. it's neat. where IS the sound coming from? i told her it is the strings, vibrating. she didn't believe me.