Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hop on the 'Interview Bandwagon'

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i don't know how i came across A Free Man's blog, but i did and i like it. anyway, he has sort of started this interview thing and he's setting up bloggers who want to interview and be interviewed and i got involved and so HERE is the interview of ME by andrew. also i have interviewed someone else who will be posting her answers to my questions tomorrow, so you've got THAT to look forward to, as well, babesies.

Hi Carrie,

I went through your blog and came up with some questions for you. Let
me know when you post this. Thanks!

1) I like your artwork. How many pieces have you created?

*****heaven only knows! lots and lots and lots. i have not catalogued them all and some have been given away (a few have been sold) and some have been lost in disasters of varying degrees or simply due to carelessness on my part. but THANK YOU!

2) What would you say is your favorite piece?

*****that's a hard one to answer. maybe this one:

3) Where do you get your inspiration from?

*****am i allowed to suggest divine inspiration? that's what/where/from whom i think real inspiration ultimately comes. i don't feel like i can control what inspires me or when or where. sometimes that can be frustrating, like why can't i just be inspired when i WANT to be inspired? seems like i don't choose when it happens. or why. i go through phases, though. for a while i did a lot of paintings of food. also, i am inspired by other artists. some of my best paintings have been based on photos i've taken. like the cat and the hamburger and the beach painting and the poppy.

4) Victoria Beckham. Tyra Banks. Cage match. Who comes out alive?

******i think possibly Tyra could snap Posh in two like a twig. however, i could be totally wrong. they are both fierce biznatches with whom i'd not want to pick a fight.

5) If you had to give up your sight or your hearing, which would you choose?

*****i've given this one some thought before. i think i could give up sight before i could give up hearing. i realized how important hearing is to me when i had a deaf friend and i realized how different his world is from mine. music is so important. it's a tough question, though. i've also noticed that if you can't hear, you are sort of ignored and left out of so much social interaction. voice inflection is integral to the meaning of what a person says. y'know?

6) What's more important? Brains or artistic creativity?

*****oh man, these are some good questions. i think artistic creativity is way more important, to me, anyway. i mean, in my opinion i have both; and, neither gets me very far but being smart can be very isolating and art opens doors and windows and connects people.

Picture 001
7) What is the title of your memoir? And yes, you have written a
memoir. Don't try and get out of it.

*****i wish it could be "I Hate You/ Don't Leave Me" but that is already taken. everything has already been taken. maybe "words, words, words...?" or "GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!" i don't know. i could go on and on. how about that one? heheh.
another rebel without a cause, seriously.

8) You become a world famous artist, but your work can only be in one
location. Where would it be and why?

*****The Metropolitan Museum of Art because it is really cool and i went there once and would love to have my art there and have awesome detached art students come and do sketches of it while wearing berets and listening to headphones.

9) Are you reading anything of particular interest right now?

*****i'm always reading 12 hundred books at once. but i have been gravitating lately to a cheesy book about stress called The Wellness Book: The comprehensive guide to maintaining health and treating stress-related illness. it's strange tho, cuz i think i have been under chronic stress for ages and yet i never get sick. i haven't been sick sick in years. (knock on wood) who is it???

10) What are your top 10 music groups of all time?

*****Nirvana, R.E.M, Beatles, Madonna, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin (big brother and the holding company), Santana, the doors, led zeppelin. although that isn't a fair question. there are so many greats.

thanks, andrew. i feel so self-conscious when i say too much about myself. but this was still fun and inspirational.