Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my blog is out of SLOMO mode!

trying to convince myself my thighs aren't fat.

i really need to start working on that painting. i am going to add a bunch of flowers and a dark sort of canopy feeling background.

undertiredi like to eat artichokes hearts, jarred ones but not marinated although those are tasty, too. but the plain ones cuz they're also very healthy and leave that awesome sweet aftertaste.

drinking iced green tea, unsweetened also feels invigorating, refreshing, and healthful.

when i was in elementary school, i loved michael jackson and i had a poster of him on my wall. i also loved neil diamond right about that same time. i had LPs!!! when i was about 10.

i had an australian pen pal i signed up for in ninth grade french class. her name was daniella, and she used to send me Rick Astley posters cuz i <3'd him.