Wednesday, February 25, 2009

balance love and hate

messy desk
yeah, my desk is cool.
you know it.
i am back to WritIng stuPID blogPosts that are aBOUT Nothing and have
totally RANDOM puncttuation and spelling like i am in
grade ZERO.
and pictures of me.
vain vain vain vain vain.
what is vanity?
i think it is.
and self-obsession.
but i have to get my blogging done sneakily.
sneak it in, like.
cuz i should be getting ready for work
AND IT IS (blogging) a dirty little habit
because if you HAVE A LIFE
then how do you have time to blog it?
I wish it COULD BE my JOB to do this.
wouldn't that be a kicK.
i thought that my job balanced out my life enough that i could
afford this type of indulgence, now.
isn't there ANY room for me to just be frivolous and
HEY aren't we supposed to DO what we ENJOY?
well, for some really strange reason, i enjoy doing this.
now, i don't know if it benefits anyone else.
i hope it doesn't harm anyone else, but it seems like maybe it does, although i
really don't think that is my intent.

HONESTLY, i usually do most of my blogging as an inside joke to myself.
if you want to be IN ON IT, you have to ask me questions to which you seriously wanting to know the answer. have fun.