Thursday, July 9, 2009


heirloom mater
heirloom mater

this is what i call a 'real tomato'
it grew on a farm, ripened on a vine, was hand picked and brought to sell at the farmer's market right down the road from where it was grown.
YES! the only thing better is growing it yourself.

cat in the hat
this picture is painted on the store window of my NEW PLACE of EMPLOYMENT!!!!!
woohoo! yay!

i am very lucky, kind of. this job market is crazy!
the time and annoying effort i put into my resume and cover letter (and i applied at like fifty places over the past two months) got me lots of interviews. most of the places where i interviewed had stacks of applications, some receive at least twenty per day. the place that just hired me said they could easily interview twenty people tomorrow for this same job. whew! tough!

anyway, i am flattered to have been chosen and very grateful and will now proceed to make the best of it. my attitude is "how may i help you?"