Thursday, July 2, 2009

private eyes are watching you

hat and water
i had to do a bunch of errands today and while i was out and about i noticed some people wearing some pretty ridiculous things. granted it is really hot, but
some women wear things that are just crazy. this one woman, a mother, whose little boy looked to be about three yrs old, was wearing sweat shorts so short over an inch of each buttcheek hung out the bottom and suffice it to say she was not 'fit'
but this was at walmart, so, i suppose it's to be expected, non?

i was brought up to be extremely modest and un-sexual in the way i dress, so i feel totally self conscious even wearing shorts which show 3/4 of my thighs. i'll wear them in the house alone, but it seems wrong to dress that way when children are present.

recently i was out in public and this mother/woman was sort of rough-housing with her son and she was wearing some kind of dress where her boobs were 3/4 of the way revealed. i mean, yeah, our kids are kind of intimately familiar with breasts, but after about 2 yrs of age... they shouldn't be playthings for our kids.

oh well. sometimes i am prudish. now, it's a different story when i am not in 'public'. you know? private vs. public, social norms, etc....