Friday, August 22, 2008

ugh, i think i inhaled a bug

Picture 234
that is my new work shirt. it's actually a scrub shirt but it is posing as a lovely japanese silk kimono. but cereally i swallowed or inhaled a bug or something while i was riding my bike to the library for my lunch break and now my tumbly is all rumbly.

Picture 218Picture 220
after taking those pics, i tightened my belt a notch and also i am kinda angry cuz even tho those shorts are supes comfies.... they are a size too big and make me look bigger than they are supposed to. i didn't try them on in the store. dumb of me, i know.

apparently i do infinity dumb stuff all the times.
Picture 215Picture 224
and that very well could be a good reason for you to dislike me if you were so inclined. go ahead. join the club. there's a potluck next week for newcomers.

Picture 184
will you please forgive me??????
for all the bad things i have done?
and after you do, then i will also ask jesus.

i bought those sunfloweys for my old-folks' painting class.
i've done three now, so far.
i'll snap a pic of the sunflower painting i did.
it was just on a piece of paper, tho.
but i like it.

Picture 168
that would maybe be a pretty painting?
i think i'm too lazy to do it, tho.