Thursday, August 21, 2008

this is embarrassing

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deer walk around in people's yards around here like craycray.

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those veggies were not as well-done as would have been nice. ugh horrid grammar.

Picture 233
don't worry, i'll be painting my nails blue this afternoon.

Picture 232
i made a coleslaw out of that cabbage and some soy yogurt and a little dill pickle juice. it was quite good and i am not particularly a coleslaw fan, however it is good for you when you make it like that, especially.

today, i am going to make a cucumber raita. yumsiez.

Picture 240
that's a fake egg.

Picture 204
those are real eggs.

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farmers market. dudez.

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thank you for hearing me
thank you for loving me.
and for not leaving me.
thank you for staying with me.