Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i must have SOME nerve!

my belt
allow me to bore you with my boring problems, nk?
so. i have a camera FULL of pictures from the past four days-ish
and i rarely have time to use the internet
(because i am SO lame that i don't OWN a computer right now, sorryz)
so i finally have some time right now to use the internet and i DO NOT HAVE MY USB cord YET AGAIN because i use different purses/bags all the time and i dunno... stuff gets left in the wrong ones on occasion!
it is hotter than the dickens outside and i have to ride my bike home up a hill with all black clothes on after a long, hot, un-air-conditioned day at work and there is pretty much no way i am going to go all the way home, take a shower, change, get relaxed and then COME BACK on my bike to the library so's i can upload my pictures. which MEANS that i will have to do it tomorrow WHICH FEELS like this day was a waste. argh-sticks. frustrions abound.
i know this isn't important i mean... all that usually happens anyway after i totally bend over backwards to do this blog is that i am insulted and nitpicked for the lamest of things and then the effing hypocrites go around and act like I am doing it to THEM! ridic.
so whatever.

Picture 064Picture 023
the upshot is, the new pics are gonna be old by the time you see them (as usual, but what's the diff to you?) the same can be said of your pathetic attempts at insulting me.