Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the reason why is because

floor - Photo Hosted at Buzznetclaw - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Scott's been fiending for red lobster for ages so that was our first meal. Where to eat is usually a v difficult decision because our little bfe town has two choices: same ol' or same ol'
When i lived on the east coast, the novelty of lobster wore off pretty quick-like but their deep fried scallops stands are tdf.

salmon - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
I tried the salmon nola. It was pretty good.

lobst - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Scott had grilled lobst & stuff. The scallops tasted so good.

lok - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Our daughter's 'lovey' piglet she's had her whole life. We've washed it a zill times. We got her a new one, identical. She treats it like a redheaded stepchild. Demands 'scratchy grey piggle' sigh.