Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no one to blame

Picture 030Picture 029
cool stuff from the library mural.

Picture 026Picture 028
this cute little guy lives at the library, too.

got off work early today.
so i am going to the GYM!
my biggest problem physically is that my back is ROYALLY SCREWED in a major way and one side of my back has a hypertrophied muscle. the doctor said i should take muscle relaxers, but i don't do that. anyway, whatever the deal is, i think my abs are particularly weak and really need to be the focus of my physical improvement plan because more than the average person, my abs need to be strong! really strong.
anyway. i am gonna have to start doing lots of corework.
more than just the 20 nautilus reps every couple of days which i currently do.

Picture 010
car museum hat rack.

Picture 002hat

Picture 004