Friday, July 17, 2009

keep it together

it is too hot today.
my apartment doesn't have AC and i'm upstairs.
imagine the fun!
plus i had to ride my bike home in this heat, while wearing jeans and boots.
and then i had to do two loads of laundry.
PLUS i should be cleaning my house!
i am kind of working on it.
had to get up by 4AM the past two days and tomorrow, the same.
but it's nice to get off early, but then it's hotter than the dickens (hi i am a grandma) and i have household chores to do...

it's okay! i'm still happy as a lark.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

in my mind

i'm a nerd.

awesome windchimesdisney shirthide

my mom went to disneyland and all i got was this measly t-shirt. no i like it, actually. it suits me well.

sad eyes carreflected mountaincar rustedpretty salad 2

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

if you're happy and you know it


i have fifty pics of this.

patriotic scrunchie
patriotic scrunchie

i DO have grey hairs. btw. several. can't see 'em here for some reason. must be the flash?

more natural sculpture
i call this stuff 'natural sculpture'

natural sculpturerocky cliff
rocky cliff

woah. vertiginous
woah. vertiginous
how did i even TAKE that pic?

sofloral vest
floral vest

workin on this
workin on this
adding lots of flowers and greenery and then probably need to make the girl look 'not so dead'
i have a lot of trouble typing the word sculpture.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


this is pretty much my back yard.

landscapedeer 1
these guys roam freely about town like they own the place.

deer 2deer 3
i totally don't mess with 'em. they could kick my butt!

Monday, July 13, 2009

painting in a new start

this is a post about hamburgers.

i really wasn't kidding about loving hamburgersi still love hamburgers
sprouts are better than iceberg lettuce.

i love hamburgers 3i love hamburgers 2
mixed baby greens are also better than iceberg lettuce.

i love hamburgers
i love hamburgers

bacon is also good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i've been in my mind

heart of gold
here come a bunch of nature pics.

how do you like the composition?

see the bird?
there it is

bird and water
well maybe that's not a 'bunch' of shots. but that's all i've got for now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


heirloom mater
heirloom mater

this is what i call a 'real tomato'
it grew on a farm, ripened on a vine, was hand picked and brought to sell at the farmer's market right down the road from where it was grown.
YES! the only thing better is growing it yourself.

cat in the hat
this picture is painted on the store window of my NEW PLACE of EMPLOYMENT!!!!!
woohoo! yay!

i am very lucky, kind of. this job market is crazy!
the time and annoying effort i put into my resume and cover letter (and i applied at like fifty places over the past two months) got me lots of interviews. most of the places where i interviewed had stacks of applications, some receive at least twenty per day. the place that just hired me said they could easily interview twenty people tomorrow for this same job. whew! tough!

anyway, i am flattered to have been chosen and very grateful and will now proceed to make the best of it. my attitude is "how may i help you?"